My Pregnancy Must Haves (Budget Friendly)


1. Old Navy Maternity Clothes– In my opinion, Old Navy’s maternity  line is by far the most budget friendly, and comfortable line. These black shorts were my go to piece while I was pregnant with my son. I did not prefer low stretchy band bottoms, the full stomach was the most comfortable for my growing belly. You can find them here- Maternity Full-Panel Twill Shorts.

2. Lullabelly Music Belt– You can connect your Iphone/Ipod/Music Device to these speakers and they are specially made to play to your growing baby. I would definitely recommend reading more on their website, but I loved the idea that my son would have an earlier love of folk music.

3. Room Essentials Body Pillow– I saved a lot of money here! There are plenty of body pillows designed specifically for pregnant women but I found this Target one to work great if not better than the others. I used this almost immediately in my pregnancy. I had terrible morning sickness and this not only relieved back pain, but was great to cuddle when my husband wasn’t home.

4. Rainbow Light Prenatal One– We all know that Prenatal Vitamins are crucial during pregnancy. My jaw drops when a pregnant woman tells me that “she’s going to skip them.” I went through 4 brands before finding this specific one. With terrible morning sickness all of the other vitamins made me nauseous and I ended up not keeping them down. This brand is specifically made to be gentle on the stomach and 100% Natural. They are definitely much worth the extra buck! I have never stopped thanking my husband for finding them at Whole foods for me!

5.  Gilligan & O’Malley Women’s Ballet Slippers– I live in Florida where tile and wood are the main flooring options. All pregnant women know that the extra weight can take a huge toll on your little (or maybe not so little anymore) feet. I suggest investing in a couple sturdy, and comfortable pairs of shoes. My husband also bought these as a present and they did not leave my toes until my son was born. On top of comfort, are they not adorable?

6. Up and Up Baby Bubble Bath– I don’t remember the last time I relaxed and just took a bath, until I got pregnant. I would soak daily to take away the aches and pains. Bubble bath makes every bath better. (That should be a riddle.) My amazing husband would bring me wine glasses filled with cranberry juice and occasionally wash my hair. Momma’s to be deserve to be pampered but, we usually need to do it on a budget. Pick this one up for sure, and I hope your hubby is as sweet as mine.

7. Belli Prep and Glow Facial Trio– Remember that amazing glow they talk about during pregnancy? It definitely did not happen for me. I never had acne as a teen and I think this was my moment to be humbled. My skin became so awful my brother bluntly asked at the Christmas table what was wrong with my face? That is the minute I found this brand and all my skincare problems changed. It took only a couple weeks with these three products to take away the red blotchy dry patches taking over. THIS IS A MUST SPLURGE!

8. Contigo Water Bottle– My friends have always made fun of me for my love of water. I am like a camel, and then I was pregnant, and became a fish. I was thirsty all the time! On top of thirst, I could no longer feed my coffee addiction so water was a great alternative! Contigo makes great water bottles that have always lasted, especially for the great price!

9. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter– This is a pregnancy go to. I would use it daily, and sometimes hourly, to prevent stretch marks. It is also a great moisturizer. My son was huge and I ended up getting a couple. I continued to use this after birth and saw a significant decrease in their appearance.

10. Luna Bars– Making a baby is hard work! Hungry would strike at any moment. My raging hormones and grumbling stomach were not a good mix. I learned to keep snacks on me very quickly. They also helped when I was working and could tell I was not consuming enough calories for the amount of energy I was using. They are packed full of protein and nutrients.

11. Lemons- This was my Mother In Laws secret. When she first told me to try it, I thought she was crazy. I cant even keep down water how will lemons work? But they did! I could barely get off the couch because of morning sickness and nausea. Four squeezed lemons, some water, and a dash of sugar were my secret cure to calm my stomach right down.

12. Gilligan & O’Malley Women’s Seamless Bra– These have been a heaven send during and after pregnancy. My growing ribcage and breasts made everything I wore completely uncomfortable. I already had a foot in my lungs, the last thing I could handle was a tight or uncomfortable bra. Then I found these. They are stretchy, comfortable, and even better wire free.

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