I’m a Wife, I’m a Mother.

Im a Wife, Im a Mother

When I became pregnant, a common topic in our home was if I would stay home with our son or not. I am a hairstylist so my income is not that of grand multitudes. By the time we did the math, staying at home was actually the better financial decision for our family as well as the way we wanted to raise our son. I still do hair on the side but my main job title is Wife and Mother. I am able to experience every first as well as teach our son the values we have. It is a blessing everyday just to be with him. I am so grateful for this season of life.
Let’s take a look back. In the beginning, my husband and I were busy. We had jam packed social schedules and work agendas. Rarely would be sleep more then 6 hours. We ate out or ordered in almost every meal. Because of this we had few dishes, but the ones we did have would only get done once the pile was to big to wash our hands over. We pulled our clothes out of clean baskets. Now don’t get me wrong, my husband and I were never filthy, but we were the average 20 something year old couple. We made it work.
It all changed when my son was born. After recovering from my unplanned C-section, I became very ambitious to take on this new role as a mother and wife. I have a go getter personality. I’m not saying I’m over successful, I’m saying I’m overly passionate. I become obsessed. So, I did just that. When I was able, I would use Pinterest to find organization, cleaning, budgeting and cooking tips. I bought baskets for his toys, I made our bookcases focal points of the room, I bought cute table décor, I fixed things all by myself, and I cooked.
Remember the whole budget thing, well it no longer included our eating out and ordering in lifestyle. We are now happy if we treat ourselves once a week. So I cooked, and I cooked, and I cooked, and I burnt. I grew up in the Midwest. I have always known how to cook but, meat, vegetables, and casseroles. My husband is Arabic. His mother would cook for 8 hours a day, for six children, with the more spices then I can even pronounce. So the cooking started with pork chops, lots of grilled kabobs, tetrazzini, and chicken. I definitely burnt a couple meals experimenting and trying out different ideas, but what mattered is that I cooked. My husband would choke down about anything. One because he is amazingly sweet, and two he knows he has to kiss the cook. I knew though, that he missed his mothers cooking. Not only from his constant nagging for her to send recipes but her daily question of what did you cook for supper Habibi. So, I learned, and am learning. I started with a Mediterranean pasta salad. Hybrid of American and Arabic food. It was great, and I have since perfected it. From there I learned Tabouleh, Hummus, Dolma, Kofte Kebab and many more. Sorry for any spelling, I’m learning. The delight on my husbands face the evenings I am making HIS food, is enough for me. I may not be able to cook like his mother- but that is because I’m his wife and she has just a couple years on me. She often tells me how she couldn’t cook when she met my father in law, that people is called Hope. My husband is happiest with a full belly. So my job as a wife, was to cook.
My Husband works long days, when he comes home he wants to hear about our son and my day. He doesn’t want to clean the floo>r, fold the laundry, and do the dishes. He wants to relax. I am home and able to do these things, to the best of my ability. Whoever invented the removable silverware rack is genius. I nearly had a heart attack the first time my son climbed onto the dishwasher and tried to slam his hand right down. He also finds brooms and vacuums amusing which have made those tasks enjoyable. Laundry, lets just say towel piles usually end up scattered across the floor. They still get done though, and put in the linen closet where they belong. Laundry and Peek a boo have become a must have to keep my child from attacking them all. I won’t lie, I am the worst at dusting. Seriously, where does that stuff come from!! At least once a week I try to wipe everything down. Grandparents are the trick though. Whenever grandma and grandpa are coming over, the house becomes magically spotless, and my energy level spikes.
I’m not saying every women needs to be in the kitchen, or mopping the floors. My job though, my passion, for this season- is just that. I want to pour myself into being the best mother and wife I can be. That means keeping up with our home. That means making sure everyone has a full belly. I play with my son as much as I can and encourage him everyday. Although we still haven’t mastered reading books vs chewing them, I try. He has become really good at tearing apart his playroom as I write or do the lack thereof. I am celebrating my new job title. To me, It is the best one I could ever have! There are days where I never leave the house. 90% of the time I am still in sweats with no makeup on when my husband arrives home. As a hairstylist, this is a fail. I am not perfect, but I am learning to live. I am loving every moment of this season. My current goal is to launch this blog, than master photography, than maybe I will worry about the makeup.
I do not want to be super woman. Just a cooking, cleaning, blogging, photographing, makeup wearing mother and wife.

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