Baby Food Freezer Method

We chose to make all of our sons food. He now is on mostly finger food, but I remember the amount of time purees took. We bought in bulk and used the freezer method. Its so easy to set out that days food in the morning so it naturally thaws. I am giving the instructions below for apples. The only adjustment is the way you cook different fruits and vegetables. You can make days of food in a little slot of time.
For us homemade food was less expensive, pure, and yummy!

Baby Food Freezer Method

(We saved lots of time and money not buying an all in one system. We also use these tools for our everyday cooking)
Food processor
Ice cube trays
Plastic wrap
Freezer bags

Boil Apples

A Bag Of Apples.

1. Wash Apples.
2. Peel, and chop apples. Make sure all seeds and skin are removed.
3. Place in large pot of water and boil on medium until soft.
4. Strain water and throw in food processor.
5. Use a spoon to scoop into ice cube trays.
6. Cover with plastic wrap.
7. Freeze until hard.
8. Remove from trays and store in freezer bags.

Plastic Wrap

Mark and date bags. We try to use food within two months.
Check your trays but on average each cube is 1oz. This allows you to easily measure and know how much baby is eating.

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