Unplug, Refresh


Tomorrow, March 7th, is National Unplug Day! I wrote this blog in advance so I could join in on this amazingness. We are a society addicted to our electronics. The minute we hear a ding we check our phone, then tablet, and computer. We are constantly connected to millions of people through social media and are on data overload from search engines. Computers were made with a refresh button and I think it’s about time we hit our own. So here are five reasons you should unplug today!

1. Soak in the people around you. Instead of texting through dinner, ask your significant other about their day. Play with your child instead of recording every move they make. Listen to your friends hardships over coffee, vs giving them a few minutes via call or text. Our electronics cut us off from the very people we use them to connect to. Unplug!

2. Go Outside. When is the last time you sat on the porch with a cup of coffee? Oh, without your phone, music, or e reader. Have you ever sat and soaked in the sun, the sounds of birds chirping, the beauty of the outdoors. Brings your kids outside to play. Fresh air is great for us! With little distraction I promise you will find peace and calmness. Why pay for the self help book when the answer is right outside your door.

3. Read. Some of us use technology to escape our realities. Books can have the same affect. Their is something stunningly simple in finishing a book and placing it on your bookshelf. The noise of turning a crisp page in a brand new book, gently flipping down the corner to mark your spot.

4. Find your worth. The amount of likes you have, will never measure your worth. I have seen too many people with amazing social media presence be tired and alone. Most the time it is controversy that causes these reactions, distancing themselves even more from the ones they love. Unplug and do something you enjoy, do something with your hands, do something you can look at and say Wow. Bake, garden, build, anything you can hold with your palms.

5. Refresh- Just the thought of unplugging for one day may give you anxiety. I promise that it will be worth it! You will see things you’ve never noticed, hear things you’ve never heard, touch things with a new delicacy, taste things with no distraction, and allow your scenes to bring back memories weighed down by data overload. At the end of the day journal about the difference, on a piece of paper, with a pencil. Look back at that paper often. You may never do another full day without electronics but I promise it will inspire you to Unplug! Even if it is just to watch your son’s first soccer goal, or watch your wife put on her makeup.

So Unplug, and connect yourselves to the things that matter in life, the things that ding a lot louder when we just look.

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