Why I Gave Up My Jacuzzi Tub

Almost four months ago we bought a gorgeous home. It took awhile to find just the right one. I have always loved old homes. I love the way the floor creaks, the attention to detail, the stories they tell. Our son was newly mobile, so, in this season of life all I wanted was new. We wanted clean, spacious, and white. I wanted little to no upkeep.
We placed an offer on our home. Along with space came closets, open, and a jacuzzi tub. In the days between finding our home and closing, I dreamed up every room. I imagined colors, furniture, and decor. I dreamed of the books I would read outside, or the games we would play in our sons playroom. I dreamed of the baths I would take in the jacuzzi tub. The scents of the candles that would burn there. I envisioned the glass bottle of bubble bath that would sit on the ledge.
We moved in and so the projects began. We have not only been busy with the house, but work, and our son as well. The dreams of every day- hour long baths were quickly rushed down the drain by snappy showers just to rinse the dirt away. I have taken one bath in that tub. I forced myself to relax one weekend for just a short amount of time. One member of our household uses that bath everyday though, our son.
My husband works long hours. Upon arriving home for the day, we eat supper and it is bath time. We decided that it would be great for them to have quality time together everyday- so my husband joyfully offered to make bath time their routine. William moved from baby bath, to Laundry basket, small bath, and then up to our precious jacuzzi tub.
His surplus of bath toys line the bottom of the tub. Baby shampoo and bubble bath sit on the edge just waiting for their next use. The candles have been removed and my glass bubble bath never made it to its spot. I gave up my jacuzzi tub for my son. I gave it up for their relationship.
I am home with my son throughout the day. Their are days my husband is gone for 12+ hours, this happens more than I would like to admit. His number one priority is us, but he sees his number one task as providing. He is such an amazing man and his son deserves to know that amazing personality his father has.
We bought our home 25 minutes from the part of town we are used to living in. For me to stay home, and live in that area, my husband would have to work even more. We live in an amazing location. It is gorgeous and secluded. We were very used to walking everywhere and being a 5 minute drive from anything we needed before. We lived in a busy area of town. We now live in a very family friendly subdivision that is surrounded by nature. We gave up city for suburb- for our relationship with our son.
Our friends often ask about our decisions, and there is only one way to answer. In all of our decisions we ask if they match our families priorities and situation. Will we be able to spend time as a family? Will this stress us by over stretching our budget? Will we be happy with this decision long term?
I have been asked a handful of times why my husband gives my son a bath after a long day at work. His number one priroity is his relationship with that boy. All of lifes necessities mean nothing without something to live for. He could work for 60+ hours a week but if it was not towards or for something, is he fully embracing life? My husband loves that time with our son, and it allows me an uninterrupted 20-30 minutes of cleaning. I usually can tidy the whole house in that amount of time. Practice makes perfect.
Why I gave up my jacuzzi tub? My son loves the extra room to play. His toys are not taking up the majority of the space. Quite honestly, my dreams of daily hour long baths just arn’t realistic in this season of our families life. That is ok.  The joy my son gets from bath time with his dad means that much more. All things that bring joy to this family mean so much more. Life can get us caught up, and wound up in its tasks and obligations. We remain happy by always asking if this matches our priorities. Write them out, sign them on our hearts, make sure to remember them. Remember that joy comes before it all, because the rest will always be there. Give up, to get so much more.

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What have you given up that would make your family happier in the long run? Comment below.

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