Passion and plants

Coffee dates are my favorite way to catch up with friends. Early on I learned trying to keep my son in a stroller at a coffee shop was a very bad idea. He would whine his way out of the stroller. Usually ending up on my or my friends lap until we realized we could no longer have discussion with a distracted baby. I quickly learned that at home coffee was less expensive and much easier. My son could occupy his time for a good while with a couple awesome toys and encouragement. Our breakfast area is attached to our family room. It is such a delight to sit at that old oak table and look out on the yard or over at my son playing.
Last week one of my amazingly wise friends came over. I love this woman. She has teenage children and an amazing heart. Her stories always touch home with me. She is currently in the process of living out one of her dreams, moving to the mountains. I may live vicariously through her. Her dreams of the outdoors are amazing, and quite honestly breathe taking.
I remembered this friend of mine gardens. Let me tell you first, I kill plants. Plants do not like me. They run away from me to plant heaven as fast as they can. When we moved into our home their were two trees we thought were dead. We have not gotten around to pulling them out yet. I thought I should ask my friend her opinion of the trees while she is over. She agreed whole heartedly that one of the trees was dead, done, not coming back. The other tree though, she was convinced it was still alive. So we walked outside to check. She carefully broke the branch and showed me the green inside. This tree was actually alive and growing well. It was in a dormant phase. She told me it was a crepe myrtle and it will bloom some time this spring. I googled it, you should to. In my wildest dreams I imagined those beautiful flower trees surrounding my home. The funny part, I almost ripped one right out of my back yard. I would have regretted that.
After she practically gave me one of the best presents of information I could have ever asked for, I was intrigued. I asked her why my plant inside was not doing well. She explained that the water was sitting in the bottom of the bowl I put underneath the pot, making the roots rot. Gross. She then explained how to water it and not have this happen. We moved to the front shrubs which she told me all three by name. Remember, I am not a plant person, I can not remember them already. She knew by detail how they could look, if they would bloom flowers, and the upkeep they needed. I hate those dang shrubs. They are top heavy from rarely being trimmed. I told her I wanted those red plants all of my neighbors have. I think they would be so cute to match our door. She explained they were crotons and just need sun. I LIKE THIS IDEA, they are the perfect plant for me.
That morning we talked about much more then plants. What stuck out to me though, other than the mountains, were plants. I knew this friend gardened but I never thought to ask her for her advice. Not only did I learn how helpful she could be, but how much of an expert she is. She has worked with gardens all over our area. She has even used her expertise to make an impact on a local community.
I have multiple things that I am passionate about. You can talk to me about those things and my eyes will twinkle. I have poured my heart into such things and love to tell everyone about them. Maybe this is why I love blogging. That morning I allowed my friend to be passionate about her expertise.
Community is a necessity. Realizing every single person has different passions and expertise can be such a beautiful thing. Who knew that a person who kills plants could be so intrigued by someone who so tenderly helps them grow. This same friend does her hair EVERY time she sees me. She says it wouldn’t be good if her Hairstylist friend saw her without her hair done. I do her hair because this is my passion.
Being passionate and becoming an expert in something is one of the best traits a person can have. There is nothing more beautiful than looking at someone pursuing something with such passion they glow. What is my role in this community? Asking for those expertise, and acknowledging them.
I love when people ask me about hair, and trust my opinion. I imagine that others feel the same way with their exact passion. Some peoples passions and jobs may be the same but remember, most people do not like to talk about work in their spare time. This said friend does not garden for work, she gardens for fun. This makes it even more fun for her to talk about it. If her said job was writing and I was picking her brain about it, she might get exhausted.
Not only has this friend inspired me to finally put a raised bed fruit and vegetable garden in the backyard, she has inspired me to so much more. She was not required to learn all of these trees, plants, and shrubs names. She did though. She was passionate about something and pursued it. Gardening makes her soul flourish, so she chased it. This inspires me to do the same with my passions. I may not be the best and surely I do not need to be. How awesome though to talk about something with knowledge backed by passion. I may have talked a lot about gardening in this post, but it is more then that. It is becoming an expert. It is about having a passion so bright that people can’t help themselves to ask. Its about pouring yourself in. She has challenged me to learn, and grow. To pursue my passions beyond the need to knows, to the would love to knows.

Crepe Myrtle

This is my dormant flower tree. I convinced my husband to recently prune it. Yes my friend suggested that to.

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