Life happens

Life happens. This motto is on repeat in my head right now. Today was just one of those days. It wasn’t horrible and I actually had a LOT of fun with my son, but life happens. Williams molars are breaking through. He needs a lot of extra attention. So the laundry never got finished and I didn’t update the blog. I did however, enjoy extra cuddles with my son, chase him around more then ever, and learn new ways to make him laugh.
I had planned all morning to go to the craft store this afternoon. Williams birthday is right around the corner and I have so many projects to complete! Between these erupting teeth and the lack of a fabric cutting employee at a fabric store, our trip was extra long. I learned that William can find a way to stand in the cart even when he is buckled in. Most importantly, I learned that he would much rather be entertained by a bunny rabbit mask vs a leprechaun one.
The night was to be filled with crafts, cuddles, and cooking. Upon arriving home I realized one of the neighbor kids had egged my and my neighbors garages. Grand. After 2.5 hours of discussion and apologetic kids- that was finally done. Good thing, I got to meet 4 of our new neighbors though and found out where every neighbor kid actually belongs. I learned there is a mom with a baby just the same age as my son two houses down. Tomorrow I will be knocking. Life happened.
I did not complete one craft. William ended up eating apple sauce and carrots for supper. Leftover pasta was my meal of choice. Nothing went according to plan, but my son showed off his walking skills to the neighbor.
So much could have come out of this day. When I look back- it actually did. I planned my day to a T, but then it happened. More often then not I role with it. I remember a dear friend telling me right before my son was born, “don’t make plans just yet- kids will throw them for a loop time and time again.” So today life was grand, it actually was. I saw more and did more then expected. I’m giving myself a public acknowledgement that it’s ok. Nothing is ruined. Everyone is happy. Life just happened.

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