14 Things To Do Outside With Baby

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Spring means leaving the house and getting outdoors. It brings blooming flowers, fresh grass, and crisp air. There is so much to explore and see. Your little one is ready to soak it all in. Here are some ideas to get you all outside.

1. Take a walk- Go for a stroll around the block, find a cute area of town, or if you have a jogging stroller- jog. Tell your child what their wandering eyes are looking at. It is not only great exercise for you but great for their mind!
2. Go to a Zoo- Our Son loves looking at the different animals. Our local zoo has tons of things for children to interact with. We always pay the extra $.50 to feed the animals.
3. Find a nearby Park- Babies can have fun here as well in the baby swings or sliding with a parent. This is my go to with limited time when I’m desperate for a little fresh air.
4. Look up local Farmers market- Babies will love looking at all the different products and people. There are many in our area. Just recently William had a parrot sit on his stroller at one. The sky is the limit with the things you will see.
5. Go to the Beach- We started going when our son was 2 months old. Make sure to be careful with sun exposure. Children under 6 months are not recommended to wear sunscreen. We have UV shirts, swim trunks, hats, and bought a shade canopy. Now that he is a little older he loved playing in the sand with his tools.
6. Find a private pool- Our public pools do not allow floats so we find a friend or grandma and grandpas pool best. It is fun to float around in the pool. Our son, like many, loves water. He is very easy to entertain outdoors.
7. Water the flowers- Flowers are so vibrant and fun to look at. Water your garden with your little one. You can even let them play in the water after. If you don’t have a garden most cities have very large ones you can walk through.
8. Attend Festivals- Living in a bigger city has it’s perks. There is ALWAYS something going on. Art, car, seasonal festivals and so on can be tons of fun for the whole family!
9. Have a picnic- Grab a blanket and food for you and your little and set up camp.
10. Read a book- I dream of having a porch swing to do just that one day. For now, simple chairs will do.
11. Get a sprinkler- What a favorite past time. If your baby is too small for the sprinklers why not a baby pool or fancy splash pad.
12. Find lots of fountains- We used to walk up and down a very beautiful part of town looking for fountains. My son was amazed by every single one and would start kicking wanting to get closer. He now loves splash pads and various amusement parks and the zoo.
13. Blow bubbles- kids have just as much fun watching bubbles and popping them as we do.
14. Have a tissue paper confetti party- small metallic confetti can be dangerous but the large pieces can be so much fun!

Hope you enjoy!

Outside With Baby

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