Happy Saint Patricks Day


What a better thing to talk about on Saint Patricks Day than luck? I am sure you have heard the term “the luck of the Irish.” After much research I found out this term has little to do with my original assumption. The phrase was coined as a slur when the Irish were going through famine and poverty. “Just their luck”, they ate potatoes for months. They lost their homes. They were going through great economic hardship. They were also laughed at when they came to America. Many people did not believe the success they could have so they laughed it off as luck.
Today I am thinking of the many times I have hoped for luck. I needed x amount of dollars, that specific job, or that specific thing done. Luck does happen. Success is not stemmed from such a thing. Moving forward takes lots of hard work. I often wonder if the un wealthy believe the wealthy got there by luck. It just isn’t the case. Most successful people have poured their lives into what they do. They work more hours than they can count and have heard “no” more times then they would like. Successful people work hard- they don’t wait for luck to come around.
There is a satisfaction when I have worked hard for something vs having it handed to me. Today as we celebrate, “the luck of the Irish.” Let’s celebrate sticking it out through hardship. Let’s celebrate our blessings. Let’s celebrate success.
Do a little research on the Irish today before you go drink your green beer.
The actual holiday originated by celebrating Christianity making it’s way to Ireland. The Irish culture and this day have so much history just waiting for you to open.
Ironically, I started dating my husband on Saint Patricks Day. I guess you can’t get more lucky then that. I might just believe my meaning of “the luck of the Irish” a little while longer.
Happy Saint Patricks Day!

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