A Note To My Teen Self

A Note to my teen self

Today was my Mothers 50th Birthday! She may disown me for making that public knowledge. Our Family got to spend the entire weekend with her and my father. I appreciate her so much, especially now as an adult. She is so wise and gives the best advice. Something I never would have admitted just 10 years ago. She is a retired nurse and will answer my health questions any time of the day. Trust me this really is amazing now that I am also a mother. She is a heaven send. She is hardworking, funny, and humble. Just ten years ago I was a rebellious teen. I was to cool for my parents and those bonding years are gone. I am writing a letter to my teen self. Maybe one day my children will read it. Or maybe she will on her special birthday.

Dear Teen Me,

You will not marry that boy, your mother does know best

Go shopping with her, she pays, this soon will end

Do not get that tattoo, it too will be one of your fads

Don’t waste all your money now, you will want to buy a house some day

And No buying a house really is not that far in the future

Thank her for cleaning all of your messes

She spends endless unnoticed hours keeping the house tidy

Thank her for remembering all of your events

It may be “embarrassing” but it means the world to ask her to come

Let her dance and sing in the Kitchen, she misses being young and free

You may think those clothes are nerdy but wear them

She put a lot of effort into finding something for her little girl

Make your mom one of your best friends

She one day will be the person you rely on again

You may think you need your independence, trust me it is over rated

Just don’t drink juice or soda over the carpet

Your mother will never let you live those stains down

You are still a child, whether you believe it or not

You do not know everything at the Old age of 13, I know you think you do

Trust the people who have made the mistakes before you

Don’t get angry if you ever feel your parents are “smothering” you

It is a crazy, animal like, innate feeling to protect and care for you

You may think they hate you but it is quite the opposite

One day you will look at your own children and it will all click

You will wish you had told them I love you more

You will wish you had stayed home on the weekends

You will wish you went shopping more, ate ice cream, watched movies

You will wish you were once young again

You will wonder how you can ever apologize for the rebellious years

You hope that your children will not do the same thing to you

Most importantly you don’t get these years back and either does your mother

She did not expect to lose her baby at 14

So go snuggle her, and remind her that you’re her little one for just awhile longer

Let her know that deep love you have

Don’t be “too cool”

Cause trust me, you are not.


Your Older Self.

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