5 Mistakes Single Girls Make

I have only been married a year, I do not claim to be an expert on the topic. Now that I am out of the single category, it is easy for me to see some major errors single women make. I was definitely guilty of some of these as well. I wish someone would have told me. Want to find your Mr Right? Stop making these five mistakes.

1. Quit Looking Desperate- The occasional social media post to your “future husband” can be cute. Posting on a daily, or weekly basis though makes it a problem. Are you constantly throwing yourself out there? “Wife Material”, “Dear Mr. Right”, “Hopefully I will be in a relationship by the end of the year.” It can put the thought in peoples minds, why are you still single if you are so actively pursuing the opposite. On that note, It is amazing that Pinterest created Secret Boards for that future wedding you are planning for your single self.

2. Refocus your energy- Use this time to better yourself as a person. Instead of putting all your focus on finding Mr. Right, start focusing on becoming Mrs. Right. Learn how to cook, clean, babysit, craft, and become more loving. You will become more desirable when you are comfortable in your own shoes, attracting just the right man.

3. You Have to Date- Unless you believe in prearranged marriage, you will have to date. So many of my girlfriends say they don’t date, but complain of being single. You may fall in love with your best friend, but at that point you still spent enough time with that person to get to know them. You are going to meet some toads before you find your prince. That is just how it works. So many people see dating as a “commitment.” It is not. If you are honest with the people you spend your time with, you can enjoy someones company and be truthful that it just won’t work out.

4. Quit Crushing On Every Guy- On the note above, if you open yourself up to dating, you won’t have to crush on every guy that comes your way. You may find him super interesting, or extremely cute. Who said you can’t have lots of attractive friends? Quit crushing on every guy that comes your way. I was definitely guilty of this one, and always realized the really cute guy doesn’t necessarily have a great personality, or one at all for that fact. If you are boy crazy, take my advice, do not share it with everyone.

5. Present yourself as Wife Material- You are out at the club wasted, cleavage hanging out, making out with every guy and wonder why you are still single. This is not the type of girl a guys wants as a wife. I hate to say it, but you are the guys choice for a night. Modesty, sophistication, goals, and inner beauty are much more likely to win you the ring.

Let me know your thoughts, especially all you men looking for Mrs. Right.


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  1. Ron Gates SR says:

    I am proud of your mature attitude that you are sharing with people. I knew the person was inside you, it just took a while it to show up. I am so proud of you, The way your marriage is going and the way you are raising William. Keep the faith in Jesus and things will be good. Grandpa

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