Top Board Games To Keep At Home!

Top Board Games to Keep at Home

My Husband arrived home at 8pm tonight from work. The day is gone and all I want to do is hang out with the man that is missing from my life so many hours of the week. One of our favorite things to do at night while the baby is sleeping is play board games. We often play just the two of us or invite friends over. Game nights are a regular in our home. Board games are great because they can include almost any crowd! Here are our top 10 to keep on hand!

1. Yahtzee- This is our go to game on nights when it is just the two of us! It has been around a long time but it is definitely the best! 2-10 players.

2. Ticket To Ride- Never heard of this game? Well hear you go! One of the best presents I’ve ever received. Race your opponents to your destinations using only specific trains. Can be played with 2-5 players. Our favorite board is America but there is plenty to choose from!

3. Heads up- This is a great game for a crowd. You must guess the card on your forehead. You can buy the deck of cards or download the app on your smart phone. This one will bring lots of laughs and is a must have.

4. Monopoly- Unless you are super competitive, keep this one on your shelf! We have a couple friends who don’t have the option of this game but it is definitely a classic! Intended for 2-8 players.

5. Battle Ship- If you and your significant other love to play board games this is definitely a winner for 2 player games. Switch up your strategies though, if you know your partner they can start to become easy to “sink.”

6. Apples to Apples- This is a great game to play with a crowd! Know your guests? Even Better! You will be trying to have them pick your card as the perfect match for theirs!

7. Scrabble- A game of strategy intended for 2-4 players. Make sure to keep a dictionary on hand for this one. We always use the same one to make sure there are no arguments on accepted words. Definitely a win!

8. Twister- This is a great to play with kids! Keep everybody’s energy pumping with this active game. Great for 2-4 players.

9. Bop it- This is not a typical board game but there is definitely lots of fun to be had! We love that it is great to keep at home and on the go. My brothers and husband spent hours dueling last Christmas. It is fun for all ages!

10. Cards- Always have a deck or two! Everyone has a game under their sleeve and cards can keep people occupied for hours!

11. Connect 4- I love playing the life size version of this game at a local restaurant but it also is a great two player!

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