Surviving a Crazy Spring Schedule


Are you like me? I look at my schedule in April and May and I can barely find a second to breathe. Parties, outdoor outings, weddings, landscaping, spring cleaning, appointments, Easter- you name it, I swear it is always happening in spring. How do I keep organized in a time of schedule overload?

1. Learn to say no- If I don’t have the time, I don’t have the time. Being present where you are is much more important than over committing your time.
2. Have a priority list- This seems extreme to some but I have a life priority list. I rank my priorities in importance. When it comes to Easter we get multiple invites. Family is the top priority so these are the first commitments made. It also helps when choosing between work, friends, and family.
3. Keep a planner- I write every commitment down so I can see the best times to book appointments and run errands. I always leave down time. Kids schedules are never set. I also want time for unscheduled play and relaxation every day.
4. Clean the house daily- It is much easier to tidy the house everyday then spend hours cleaning before guests arrive. Even two days of cleaning can leave any busy person frantic. A clean house also is much less stressful. You can focus on your task at hand vs your never ending cleaning list.
5. Buy gifts in advance- If you schedule your events you can shop for all gifts at once vs a stop before every event. You can also save money this way by strategically shopping vs last minute buys.
6. Schedule in advance- We sometimes have to schedule breakfast with a friend or a beach day with another couple 3 weeks out. It is ok to have a crazy schedule, especially with a family. We still want to see our friends and they understand because they to usually are on calendar craze.
7. Live in the moment- If your having a crazy day and can’t catch a break, it is ok to reschedule. Just remember don’t become a constant canceler. The occasional schedule grace will save your sanity. Things happen and people get that.

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