Night Rambles of a Stay At Home Extrovert

Have you ever tried having a conversation with a baby under 1? It doesn’t go very far. There babbling is oh so cute and I really really wish I knew what “ahgoln” means. I stay at home with my son and am an extreme extrovert. I keep the TV running at all times of the day as background noise. I count down the number of minutes until my husband will be home. I sometimes go shopping to talk to the cashier. Sound a little crazy? I know all the Disney Jr theme songs by heart.
This evening we ate supper with some of our dear friends. She cooked one of the best meals I’ve had in quite some time. They to have a baby. As supper came to an end I realized the only thing I had discussed were the babies. I tried to ask “normal” people questions but it always came back to the cute little guys. I am with my son over 95% of the time. If I’m not cooking, cleaning, feeding, changing, or playing with him- I’m thinking about things for Him. I have other hobbies and dear friends but honestly he is my center focus.
I have always been able to keep a conversation going. Maybe to well to be quite honest. Now I find myself at a social awkward dilemma. Honestly, if it’s not on my Facebook feed during nap time- it’s usually lost news. I no longer understand the top trends, or indulge in deep conversation over coffee. My brain works in 30 second intervals.
Random strangers probably know way more about my life then they should. I now understand why my mom told long stories to the cashier. We moms are craving adulthood. It’s so easy to talk about poop, breast milk, and c sections. Really though, I would love to talk about your trips, new finger nail polish, or even your landscaping. I would love to grab coffee. My son will be with me- but please- let’s talk about you.
Moms can become walking robots that we forget to think. These years are so amazing. I love every Goo and Gah. I don’t mind making airplane noises or saying “good job.” But, I apologize in advance for my lack of adult like mannerisms. I may make funny noises if your crabby, or ask you about your eating habits. It’s all I know in this season.
Almost every mom, me especially, crave adult conversation. Now living in the suburbs I see friends even less. Now that my son is mobile I’m making a point to get out of the house more. I’m asking you, the store cashier, hairstylist, single friend- listen to me ramble. Then, ask me about me. “Oh yes, I sleep more now that William does.” Don’t accept that answer. Last time I was forced to talk about me, I started a blog. We as moms need you!
There is a whole other post on the importance of community as a mom. This is for the moms who feel a little bit crazy. We are, but for such a cute cause. These years will pass and we will wish for them back. For now, please excuse my lack of social skills.

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