What to give at a Baby Shower

what to give at a baby shower

As a mother and someone who has attended her fair share of baby showers over the last year, I thought it would be great to give a little insight into baby shower gifts. More often then not, moms receive TONS of clothes, pacifiers, and small objects and little of the items they NEED. My mother made sure if people asked- that we wanted diapers. We only bought one pack in the first three months. What a blessing! I have been over to friends houses who did not receive one pack as a gift. Want to know what mothers really would love as Baby Shower gifts? Here you go!

1. DIAPERS- You can never go wrong buying diapers! Never! Unless the family has chosen to use clothe diapers they will be more than thankful! I always recommend buying Size 1 or 2. Babies grow out of the Newborn size so fast. Are you the pregnant one? If your Hubs is up for it, have him throw a beer and diaper party for him and his friends.

2. Wipes- Moms also go through many of these in the first year. I recommend buying the unscented and sensitive skin type. We never used diaper rash cream or baby powder using the gentle ones. This also is the safest to match a mothers wishes.

3. The Big Items- Mothers receive tons of baskets full of small items, or clothes and must buy the necessary big items themselves. Most often people spend 50$ or more on all the small items and could spend the exact same on one big item. (Jumper, Bumbo, Etc.) Many Mothers would prefer these items. Know someone else attending the shower? Pitch in together on the stroller, bassinet, changing table, or monitor. Mothers rarely expect to receive these big gifts but what a pleasant surprise when they do!  Know your budget in advance when making these decisions.

4. Registry Items- Registries are such an amazing invention. Weddings, babies, birthdays- they make it super easy to know what a person would like to receive. Most moms to be put a lot of thought into their registry. Instead of buying items you would want, buy the items they want. Some moms don’t want the over the top items, or specific products that meet their families needs better. I will say, I would have NEVER bought a changing pad diaper carrier, but it was the best gift I received. If you choose something you like, I always recommend including a gift receipt incase.

5. Gift Cards- Stumped or running out of time? You can never go wrong with a gift card to the store the mother has her registry at. Almost all stores give a completion discount to complete their registries. These gift cards add up and allow moms to buy those big ticket items and at a discount. We received gift cards to CVS and Target as well, which were great for buying diapers or must have items after our son was born.

Moms are more than grateful for any gifts that come their way. Preparing for baby takes a lot! These are just some suggestions from a mom who has been there.  A mom with way to full dressers for this fast growing boy to ever wear them all.

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