Why your life is perfect


Scrolling across Facebook I saw an old friend write “why do good things happen to everyone but me.” I am in a place in my life where I remove negativity and drama from my life like weeds. It’s a daily occurrence that I delete a nagging parent, or over dramatic just broken up with. Social media is already a black hole of time, I at least want it to be positive. If I’m fighting with someone, I delete them or restrict them from my Facebook. This choice is not dramatic but choosing not to allow negativity into my life. This my friend is why my life is perfect.

Yes you heard me. My life is perfect, and quite frankly so is yours. I did not delete this specific person but instead was inspired. Why is your life perfect? Well I may or may not know you personally- but I promise you can name a handful of things you are thankful for. If you live in the United States you can list them on both your hands and feet. The problem isn’t your life, but the way you are looking at it.

The people that are envied and seen to have perfect lives have gone through just as many struggles and trials. Are they divorced? They may not blast it to everyone but any divorce is challenging, especially when children are involved. Do they have a successful business? It probably wasn’t just handed to them. I can imagine they worked their butt off, heard no, and had bad days. Are they constantly at the top events? They could be lonely when they go home to an empty house at night. Are they famous? They probably struggle with little privacy and other emotional issues. Why do their lives seem so perfect? They do not need the sympathy of others. They choose to share their struggles with the few who actually care. They do not blast their downfalls time and time again.

These people see things from a different point of view. Did you not get the promotion you wanted? Maybe your being spared from unnecessary stress in this season of your life. Did your significant other break up with you? Maybe you will meet the person of your dreams but you needed a taste of bitterness to recognize the sweet. I have also noticed the more ungrateful you are as a person the “worse” your life is. When all you see is the negative, that is all you are inviting in. People who see the beauty and blessings in life are much more pleasant to be around. Others are attracted to them- wanting what they have. Their lives look perfect, not because they are, but they choose them to be.

Why is my life perfect? Instead of focusing on the negative, I see the good. Last year I could have let my surgery and health issues get me down but I chose to have a son instead. When I have a not so great blog day, I see it as a place to improve instead of rejection from the world. (Honestly, none of us are that important. The world isn’t out to get you.) When someone is rude to me- I seek out change in my life. If I haven’t done anything wrong, I dust it off and realize it is their issue. The saying, “Every time a door closes, another one opens” is so true. My life has been filled with closed doors. Some of them have been slammed. There was ALWAYS a new door. It was ALWAYS better. Living in a state of gratefulness let’s one see that.

I have left amazing communities of people, it allowed me to discover “me” and other amazing people. I went through a nasty breakup after high school, I chose to move to Florida. Florida is where I met my husband and made a beautiful baby boy. Life happens for a reason. And life will always happen. The good is not as good without the bad.

Next time you go to complain about your life, list 5 things that could come out of your current situation. Then, list another 5 things that you are grateful are in your life. If you still need to complain, list the 5 people you trust most in your life. Be grateful for them. Still need to complain? Put down your computer and call one of those five. I promise that conversation will be much more productive than a passive Facebook post.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be in this exact moment. That does not mean that you will be in that same place tomorrow. For now, appreciate the journey. It will change you, mold you, and most of all be beautiful. It will be perfect. “No one promised it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.” So change the way you see. List your fives, time and time again. Those good things will start happening to you as well. It might even become overwhelming how perfect your life can be.

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