Morning Sickness Tips and Mocktails

Morning Sickness and Mocktails

Ok, Really, I swear the next 9 months will not be devoted to pregnancy tips. I have been holding onto this one for a couple months now. I think it is so important to share these tips because many women are alone trying to find answers waiting for that 12 week mark to arrive. Talk to your Doctor most importantly. Every pregnancy is different. With my first pregnancy I was sick all the time. This pregnancy has been a bit easier. I am not as sick but in a constant state of nausea. Oh the Joys. Hope these help ladies!

1. Fresh Lemonade– This seems crazy because of the acid but it is my best friend right now! Squeeze four lemons and add a dash of sugar and water to taste. It settles a queezy stomach. I often drink this with meals and it helps me eat more than I usually would be able to in these first weeks.

2. Crackers, Rice, Toast, Apple Sauce– If you can’t keep anything down, eat bland foods. Getting something small and bland on your stomach helps. An empty stomach is not your friend during morning sickness even though your body may trick you into thinking so.

3. GINGER!– I was never one who could handle the taste of ginger capsules, or lollipops but they really do help. Keep real ginger ale in the fridge to sip on.

Mocktail: I love mixing Orange Juice and Ginger Ale! It will remind you of a mimosa and help                you when you have a pregnancy “hangover.” Helpful hint: They make Low Acid Orange Juice.

Mocktail: Another one of my favorites is Cranberry and Ginger ale.

Mocktail: Frozen Strawberries, Fresh Squeezed Lemons, and Ginger Ale. This is such a yummy slushy of strawberry lemonade goodness.

4. Morning Wellness Tea– If you are a tea drinker Earth Mama Angel Baby has a great tea for morning sickness. They also have them for heartburn, relaxation, and post baby breast feeding. I definitely recommend checking them out!

5. Find a gentler prenatal– The prenatal vitamins I took in the beginning of my first pregnancy made me sick every time I took it. My husband hunted down and found these gentle organic vitamins. They are potent in all the vitamins you need and work amazing! They are much more affordable online. I have been on them for almost 2 years now and love them!

6. Rest– If this is your first pregnancy, take full advantage of the quiet and rest your body. It is much harder when you already have a child to do this. If you Join the Publix Baby Club they will send you the book pictured above for free. I rested and read all about baby and the American Pediatrics Associations recommendations the first time around.

7. Wear Comfortable Clothes– You might not have grown enough to constitute maternity clothes yet but a tight waistline can make nausea much worse. Sweat pants, sundresses, and leggings are great options. Helpful Hint: Because I had morning sickness through my entire first pregnancy, I opted for full band maternity pants instead of the low stretch band which is much more constricting.

8. Figure out your triggers– With a heightened sense of smell, some things will probably trigger nausea more than others. Over at a friends and the spices just aren’t settling with you? Go outside for a little fresh air.

This to will pass, remember the beautiful gift that you will receive soon. Some say morning sickness is a sign of a strong baby. I hope these tips help you as much as they helped me.

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