Energizer Bunny

So I’m going to be quite honest. Today I had a really great post planned out. I was all set to write, but, I had energy. Yes, for the last couple weeks it has definitely been a rarity. With 6 guests staying with us next week and a precious boy turning one, I took full advantage of it.
I cleaned and organized the hall closet. I scrubbed the ENTIRE downstairs bathroom. I did the dishes and the laundry. I baked homemade muffins and supper. I planted a flower garden. I pulled weeds. I scrubbed down my sons high chair. I was an energizer bunny. Oh, all while keeping a baby entertained. Impressive?
The only thing that is going through my mind is writing. Maybe I will switch to an easier post. Maybe I will shorten today’s awesome topic. Maybe I will post recipes. Nope- I’m giving myself grace. I love posting to the blog daily. I also am committed and want people who follow me to know that.
Today though, I gave it all elsewhere. Honestly, I don’t even want to give you a quick typed or halved post. All I want is to give it my all. Today, that’s just not happening.
To be honest, this is a dilemma I face often as a mom. There are days William won’t nap, or just needs to be home. Days he won’t let me sweep, or days that sweeping is much more important than doing my hair. I find myself debating between mascara and promptness. Life as a mother is beautiful. But- it is never well planned.
My mother will never let me live down this one wedding. I guess I was teething. My blowout didn’t look to great on her dress, and well she didn’t have an extra change of clothes. That’s being a mom.
Today, I’m choosing grace and a well deserved bath. Things didn’t go according to plan. I’m happy though with those results. I can’t beat myself up about it. Tomorrow I will write again, in a much cleaner house I might add. I’m just gonna roll with it.
Night world.

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