Ever wondered what S.S. Jubilee stands for? S.S. are my initials, Shelly Saba. I love all things nautical. As the about page explains, my life is in a state of jubilee. I am learning and loving to celebrate being a wife and a mother. Tomorrow is my sons first birthday! What a week of celebration. Check out the ABOUT page if you’ve never made it there.
All of my immediate family will be here and a good majority of my husbands as well. Rarely do we get to see this many people together at once. It is an amazing blessing! All to celebrate the first year of such an amazing little boy. This weekend our house and hearts will be full of both friends and family. We get to be surrounded by the ones we love.
We are celebrating much more than just a year. We are celebrating milestones, true community- our village, and the blessing of life. I’m overwhelmed by my emotions. My son is a whole year old. Just the other day he climbed the stairs all by himself with someone spotting him. I’m so excited he is growing strong and healthy. I find myself dreaming of him staying small forever. I want to celebrate every first a million times.
I hope that my writings help you celebrate your life more. I hope my recipes feed people who feed your heart. I hope you find joy in the beauty from this blog. My emotions are overflowing this week. I am in a full state of Celebration. Something I strive for everyday. This week I can’t be blind to the blessings. They are everywhere.
We were able to do some house projects that I’ve been looking forward to in preparation for our guests. I can’t wait to post our DIY entry table and etched mirror later this week. You have all the party pictures to look forward to. Arabic recipes, seafood recipes, and large quantity food recipes. What about tips for cleaning your house on a time crunch? Or buying food on a budget?
There is so much to look forward to. This week is jam packed full of goodness and I can’t wait to share it all with you. I can’t wait to celebrate life along side of you!
Lately I have been getting a lot of requests for specific blog posts- particularly ones on motherhood. Have a request? Want to see more of something on the blog? As I plan the setup for my future posts- I would love your input. Please comment below what you would like to read and see. If I don’t know the answer or the topic, I will do my best and use my village and resources.

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