Motel Art


“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris

Buying a house is one of the best times to “spring clean.” In the last couple months we have gotten rid of all the things that do not match our home. Moving from rental to rental I kept what I had and filled in where needed. I had accumulated a lot of “stuff.” My last roommate before my husband was a minimalist. We lived in a large two bedroom home. Filled with all my “stuff.” I learned something valuable from her. She held onto very little, because of this, those little things had true meaning or use.
After buying our home, it freed me to throw away the lime green curtains I had for years. They didn’t match a single room. They weren’t useful or beautiful. I was able to buy or build quality furniture vs filler pieces. I am no longer saying, “one day when I have a house.” That day is today. I spend the majority of my time in this home. I want the things I am surrounded by to bring me joy.
When I rented, my home was “decorated” in a month. We have lived in our home 6 months and are only about half way there. Recently, I have been looking for two large photos to fill our 20 feet master bedroom walls. We currently have a shoreline theme. I found two beautiful photos of the beach and was more than excited to buy them. My father is one who knows fine art and appreciates it very much. When he saw my paintings he jokingly told me they were great if I love “motel art.” They are just that. Art you would find in a beautiful ocean side villa.
The same reason I chose these pictures, is the same reason I chose a shoreline bedroom theme. It is the same reason I moved to Florida. The shoreline is the most peaceful place in the world to me. I grew up in the bitter cold Midwest. My family would vacation twice a year. Twice a year I would admire that motel art and the crashing waves. Some of my best memories are with my family in beautiful warm places. I also grew up on a lake. The sounds of jet skis and boats breaking on the water, staring out over the lake after a long summer day. That motel art brings me home.
I used to clutter my walls with decor to create a masterpiece. I now choose them very wisely. I keep the important things with meaning, and the ones that make my heart swoon. I admire the teapot my parents got me in Honduras, or the figurine a friend brought back from Africa. I admire the shadow box holding our wedding vows and dried wedding flowers. I hang more photos of family, because people are truly all that matters. With more clutter comes more stress.
A kitchen is a place of many useful things. I love my mixer, toaster, and spice rack. I love all my fancy mixing bowls and serving dishes. There was a time in my life when I would have 12 ice cream scoops. I collected things. Some were given to me, some were boughten. I have learned that you will only use the one that works best and maybe a back up for when it’s dirty. Why did I hold onto these “things?” I will never have an answer.
I have chosen to carefully choose the people I surround myself with. I carefully pick and choose the foods that I digest daily. It is crucial to choose the “things” that fill our homes. Create a place where you feel home. Create a place where family and friends can laugh together. Create a place for cocktail hours. Create a place for relaxation. Create a place where a visitor will grab a throw and prop there feet. Create a home. Surround yourself with beautiful and useful things allowing your soul to flourish. I love going to bed and one of the last things I see be a painting of a beach. My dreams are filled with childhood memories of vacations, waves, and relaxation.

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