Mothers Day

I’ve changed so much since I became a mother a little over a year ago. I took on many job titles, roles, and emotions. I grew more than I ever could imagine. I view motherhood much differently now.

A mother doesn’t judge other mothers because they to have let their children eat Cheerios off the floor.
A mother doesn’t worry about petty gossip because they instead are listening to their children.
A mother forfeits her body to make another.
A mother finds peace in those annoying toys. Silence causes fear.
A mother can think through 1000 different scenarios while others have processed one.
A mother has learned how to avoid getting urinated on.
A mother has also learned to laugh when the said above situation happens.
A mother doesn’t run from bodily fluids but comforts and heals like a nurse.
A mother finds it hard to shop for herself because kids clothes are that much cuter.
A mother has learned to cook, clean, talk on the phone, avoid disaster, and entertain a child all at the same time.
A mother has learned to function on broken sleep.
A mother has high appreciation for a days ACCUMULATED rest.
A mother is perfectly ok with being “bored.”
A mother understands a secret form of communication between her and her child.
A mother will find any way to make her child happy, even if she looks crazy in the process.
A mother laughs at her pre baby self “I will never allow my children to watch tv”
A mother will always worry for her children.
A mother will continue to do and be the best for her children.
A mother may pretend to sleep if it means 15 seconds of solitude.
A mother most likely is best friends with all things caffeinated.
A mothers job never ends, it is a 24 hours a day- 7 days a week job title.
She may be sleeping, eating, or showering- her child comes first.
A mother wouldn’t trade her job title for the world.
A mother is blessed by a smile.
A mother melts with every I love you!
A mother has another human who truly understands the beat of their heart.
A mother is so many things
Most of all being a mother is life changing.
In the most challenging and beautiful way possible.



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