DIY Entry Table

DIY Entry Table

1 8ft 1×12 Pine Board
1 10ft 1×4 Cedar Board
2 Corner Brackets
3/4 Wood Screws
1 1/2 Wood Screws
Wood Glue
Gloss paint or Wood Stain

Paint Brush

1. Cut your pine board to size. We did 40″, 28″, 28″. You can make the table longer or higher. It will require another pine board.
2. Secure the bracket to the first leg using 3/4 inch screws, making sure it remains flush with the end. Repeat on the second leg.

Screw In L Bracket

3. Place the top on the ground and secure both legs using 3/4 inch screws with the bracket. (It took 2 people to keep the boards flush)

Table half way done

4. We cut our Cedar boards to 50″. Place from corner to corner on your table and trace for your angle cut. We placed the boards inside the table vs on the outside of the legs. This way it can lay flush with the wall. The angle and cedar boards DO change according to the length and height of the table. Use your squared and square root math tools.

Get Correct Angles

5. Secure each cedar board with wood glue and screw in place with 1 1/2 inch screws. Repeat on other board.

Attach Cedar Planks

6. Sand rough edges of table.

Sanding table

7. Paint or Stain table. I chose red to match our formal living room and entry.

Constructed Table

If you do not have a saw, Home Depot or Lowes will typically cut your boards for you. You can usually find a hand saw to cut the cedar planks. Ask a store associate for help.
This table costs us less than 30$ and we were able to make it in the exact red to match our room. The construction took approximately 30-45 minutes and then paint.

Our Handy Helper:

He really wanted to help

Our little helper

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