The Rain


The last 36 hours have been so full. My family and I left early yesterday for a friends wedding. I got to do hair for some beautiful women. The whole bridal party were such happy and full people. Almost all family and they acted as such. My husband spent the day wearing out my son. They ate tons of food, swam, and went to the beach. When I met them to get ready for the wedding, they were both so happy. The wedding we attended was so beautiful and truly blessed by God. This couple truly lives every moment fulfilled. They also are always putting smiles on others faces. We sat with two other couples and had great conversation and also got to see many friends. My husband had to work so we left the hotel at 4:45am so he would arrive on time. William and I arrived home at 7:30. Still tired and me a very exhausted preggo, we cuddled up and went back to bed until 11am. I don’t remember the last time I got to sleep that late. We may all have had broken sleep but it was so nice. It rained all day here. My son was fascinated as he stared out the window. We watched two worms “race” across the patio. The sounds as the rain drops splattered down. We took another late nap as the storm continued. We had no worries in the world but rest. My husband didn’t have his car so he rode the train home. It was his first time here. I picked him up from the train station. There was a complete rainbow over the lake where we live. Exhausted, we ordered in Chinese and a movie. The last 36 hours have been busy. We celebrated the joining of one of the most beautiful couples. We soaked in the simplicity of the day. We lived. There are many days I would have called myself lazy. My body and soul needed rest. The beauty of everything else was the confirmation of such things. I am thankful.

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