The Power of a Compliment

Recently, I spent the day with someone I normally only see for a couple hours. I have always thought she was a very nice person. I realized something in that time, she is the queen of compliments. She noticed every new haircut, adorable piece of clothing or accomplishment. Her focus was not on herself but the people around her. You may say you know plenty of people like that- but this is different. It wasn’t just the occasional compliment. It was a constant state of positive uplifting for the people around her. Her happiness and focus on others was inspiring. On a bad day, when I’m at my ugliest mood, this personality might even annoy me it’s so mood altering.
I noticed that day the power of a compliment. Most people I know, pay a compliment when a compliment is due. Typically though, our thoughts revolve around OUR next move, OUR view on a situation, and OUR own comparison. We are busy in our own lives that we don’t have as much energy and focus for others. Concentrating on others can bring much more happiness to our lives. When we are surrounded by content people, we to can live content. My husband has a superpower, at least that’s how I see it. Although he is not very outspoken, he is always focused on others. He can tell you someone’s favorite color, hometown, and what they ate for breakfast, all from one conversation. He remembers all the details from the conversations he has. Most people remember and draw out the specific points. We remember what is relevant and useful to us. He remembers what is important to them.
Have you ever noticed that people are much quicker to correct a situation than state how perfect it is? Example: Someone did an amazing job painting a mural but one color seems off. The average person points it out and than states how great it is. Art is in the hands of the artist, why not just state how beautiful it is. We as people are so used to criticism that we brace ourselves for it. We never expect anything we do to be great as it is. The problem with that view is that many things are great and people deserve to hear that.
It takes a constant awareness to switch our thoughts from self focus to focus on others. At first, our compliments may seem boxed, and insincere. The more we learn this quality, the more the people around us will exhibit it as well. It is so important to live in a constant state of appreciation vs cynicism. It allows others to feel their best and most successful. This will in return make you feel your best. We no longer have to worry about ourselves because the people around us make us feel as worthy as we should. I am definitely no angel and have a lot of cynicism to let go of. But, I want to start living in this awareness. I want the people around me to be just as aware. The power of a compliment is very strong. It truly pays to be positive.

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