My kitchen is for dancing 

My best friend told me the other day, we always end up dancing in my kitchen. 

Her boyfriend playing music that we all howl (because if you know me, you know I can’t sing) and groove to. A teething baby could be crying and our first instinct is to break into dance. 

There is a desire, deep inside me, to move. 

And while all children dance, I’d like to think it’s something special for my children to. 

When William was just a baby, my late husband and I, would have dance parties with him. 

Packing for a road trip, too lazy to leave bed on Saturday, playing games after supper. 

There was always music. 

And We always had William dancing. 

Part of me wonders if dancing brings us back to simpler times, happier times.

Have you ever been a widow at a wedding? We will save that for a later post. But the happy, the people dancing, the celebration. It makes it easier.

I’ve been to 5 weddings this year, and I can tell you dancing is always one of my favorite parts.  

One of my best friends moms may have laughed and told me how much she loved me as I pulled her (and well every other person who thought they weren’t dancing that night) to the dance floor. 

Sometimes I look like a fool. 

And I’d say 95% of the time my friends are laughing that I still have that same silly dance move from college. You know the one where I click my heels. 

But I’m willing to look a little bit like a fool if it means others join the dance, the joy. 

My kids would tell you that it’s not about the dance moves in our home, it’s just about joining in. 

William likes to trot with monkey arms. 

Charles is now shaking his hips while he stands. 

And me, well I move in whichever way can bring the most laughter. 

Because dancing fills us up, dancing is part of who we are. 

And my kitchen is for dancing. 

Side note: I love to fill my home with things that put a smile on my face. Like this adorable towel. And that amazing candle (Island Moonlight) I have burned through twice now. Because it’s always worth it to use your favorites! Don’t save them for a rainy day when today always needs an extra dash of sunshine. 

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